Confessions of a Non-Smoker: an outlook

My name is Ahsan Zil E Ali, 23 years old and I have never smoked tobacco/sheesha or any thing in my lifetime.

People talk about things they do, I am expressing about what I have not done. As a child I saw people smoking, I don’t remember what was my first reaction but I am sure it was something not acceptable. I have few glimpses of senseless K2 and Marlboro advertisements aired before 9pm Khabarnama, Indiana Jones in his cowboy hat and throwing a lasso after a smoke shot or few young muscular men climbing a mountain and rejoicing the moment while smoking in an uphill bonfire– 90s kids will be knowing it much. I remember how that tandoor wala had cigarette stuck in his lips while pulling out rotis or my driver urging to walk out of our porch to smoke, that safai karnay wala who came to take Eidi every year after Ramazan but smoked the whole month… all those lawyers I met in my summer vacations who used to come to meet my Nana for political sittings, a row of smokers I have been through.

When my primary school ended, I shifted to seniors block and it was ‘Haw haye’ moment when I first saw cigarette boxes in my school washroom or that sports teacher, Sir. L [name is kept confidential] a very lean man with a continuous coughing, smoked in basketball court. In my 7th class, as far I remember, I came to know that smokers have darkened lips which was a psychosocial scale for me, I started ‘checking them out’. It was amazing/awful to see that every second person had darkened the lips specially my urdu teacher, Sir.ABC a known writer in Taleem-o-Tarbiat magazine. Then during matriculations I first read what tobacco is and it has carcinogens and blah blah !

During my intermediate life, I first came to know what ‘sheesha’ is and started hearing false stories about the filter and its non-harmful nature etc.etc. All bullshit. Despite of having chain smokers and people rendering doing sheesha as an ‘x’ factor around me throughout life, this has never amazed me. I feel sorry for them specially for those who drag Quaid e Azam’s cigarette theory in between who died because of pulmonary tuberculosis (tobacco is a potential risk factor for TB). I wrote an article on cigarette smokers on this same blog that hit 300 viewers in less than 2 hours and had emails from many saying that they want to quit but have failed so far.

I have few confessions that why the white gaseous matter never attracted me.

1. I consider my oral cavity, a mouth not a chimney. This is such a bullshit to see people smoking, no matter how much wisdom one breaks out, smoker? seriously?

2.Those few ‘Yo Boys’ in every college/university have cigarette benches, even in medical college, I have a pure hatred for the habit they own but sorry face for them, they are dying.

3. I have a strong repulsion from that Khokhay wala whose dukaan-dari is only because of cigarette-selling.

4. People who share cigarette, like seriously? Sharing lunch, sharing memories now sharing coke but sharing cigarette? It is — I am dying, my friend please will you die with me?

5. Seeing a girl, smoking a cigarette/sheesha was the rarest thing in my life till I was independent and moved around with friends, like really? This smoke has a taste that is so great, flavored, hmm. Foolish.

6.  Authorities who paint/notify ‘No Smoking Zone’, as if you can really charge them against Cigarette Ordinance of 2002. Failed in it.

7. 8. 9. List goes on…


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