Your barber harbors Hepatitis

Making new records in a developing country is something that comes in limelight but unfortunately, neither this thing has yet been addressed despite of new problem or may be no one is interested to do so. APPNA foundation of Pakistani Physicians in US funded a project which wasn’t given a due importance in this region though banners and some acceptance were shown by Akhtar Saeed Medical College, Bahria Town, Lahore. The idea is Hepatitis B and C are now on a deadly series way more than you see in some epidemic, Hepatitis can be the new endemic of this area.


If you are getting a nice sexy haircut in DHA, Tony and Guy, don’t think you are all set for hygiene and clean environment. Hepatitis bug is a virus that can address any place at any time. Lately, on a visit to interior Lahore for a photography project, I met a person whose profession was supplying so-called autoclaves. Autoclaves which are highly specific machine for making your instruments aseptic. On inquiring, I came to know it was a big fail to the society, making a box with a switch and a red – declaring it as autoclave.

Autoclave needs a specific pressure and temperature that can sanitize your instruments.

A visit to depilex men was a very bad experience, the way barbers greet you,waow! – The balloon burst when they pull out a scissor and comb from a plastic envelope. No, this is not clean.

Hepatitis B and C with a conjugation of a newly strain of Hepatitis D is the new time bomb in Pakistan. This virus eats you up within, breaks your body and eventually Hep B can cause Liver Cancer,one of the most fatal things known in medical science.

You just need one thing – PREVENTION!

1, Get your own kit, scissors, tweezer, comb. Keep a bottle of Methylated Spirit along

2. Your own shaving kit.

3. If you dye your hair, get your own brush and bowl.

How this virus enters into your body?

Hepatitis B enters through various routes, one is unsafe sex too but usually through blood. So goes for Hep C. The break in your skin during cutting can open a door for this virus and it enters with due respect.

How it can be further prevented?

Engerix B Vaccination is available for Hep B but unfortunately no FDA approved vaccine for Hep C. Though it can be prevented by due care and preventable measures. You can get the vaccine from all public hospitals. For further information and pricing of Hep B vaccine, visit the vaccine center of Lahore, 6.Abdur Rahman Chughtai Road, Jail Rd, Lahore.

What more?

Syringes or handling with blood needs special attention. Make sure your kid gets vaccinated in EPI program.

For further info:

Lastly, say NO to barber’s instruments and take care!


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