Medicine, a question now?

While I was seated in a comfortable sofa on the uppermost floor of Children’s Hospital, I keenly absorbed known professors of Punjab talking about the recent clustering of medical schools in Pakistan, they were almost similar to my thoughts. I kept on listening till I got a gap to interfere and I grabbed this opportunity to address,”I am glad that you all highly respected professors possess this idea of a mal-development of health care system, I am a medical student and I am against this medicine which is founded on money,for money”, I think my voice cracked a glass for all.


“Baita! Phir apka kia khayal hai, yeh kia ho raha hai”, says another known pediatrician of the state.I guess, he got the clue that I have something to burst and I am fond of upright speech.

“Sir,first thing is that clustering can be accepted, since we are the biggest exporters of doctors throughout the world, secondly,despite of so many private colleges, our health sector couldn’t flourish,a big gamble is “the lady doctors”, a huge capital has been exhausted in name of doctors disguised in good rishtas and izat in susraal, I have seen more female doctors dedicated in long run than males, the point is that no government has ever brought up a compulsion of females servings … I also have some reservations with money-power amid of the profession practiced by prophets and scholars”,I went a bit candid, as usual,but I hesitated to carry on.

“What do you mean by money-power”,an old doctor in his 70s, sitting with crossed legs moved in his couch with curiosity — to know my opinion.

I went blunt,”Universities possess a mafia, not just in administration but in students too, OSPE is shunted out of university by money, viva marks can be manipulated by power plus connections, this is what our would-be doctors are. They get excellent marks and at times some unexpected products,I seriously have no issues but this is a clear cut injustice with all who study rest of the year while they own up from nowhere,Medicine is just not a theory, its a faith, a hope in disease, a life in a death and this all is handed over to people who own a fraudulent approach, they may be passing every exam but how long and I wonder, will they not be answerable to God, the one who is the ultimate healer”,I changed the course of the whole scene,tea was served and then didn’t stay much,walked out.

Medicine has become a business, I still remember that when I was a kid, I was told that a profession where you earn respect plus uncountable prayers – was nothing but being a medical man.It has reversed. We live in a very dirty world,where power and money rules but fortunately nothing is permanent, neither money nor power and so not you, medicine and prophecy had been in a conjunction from the day one, do you think those who involve the supremacy in medical school will one day be great doctors,yes may be! but not great humans of the age. Ups and downs are part of life, you win,you lose but compromising for a minute period of life to satisfy yourself is the death of your own existence.

Cluster medical colleges are not the issue, issue is deliverance and submission of curriculum with effectiveness, so as to make healthcare survive not the money. The authoritative bodies, irrespective of their own stature in society, all those professors must be brought to the court of audits and every single penny that they have earned by every mean should be filtered in transparency, because they feed their bellies and create those doctors which do have degrees but do not even possess a manner to speak,an honor to justify and a love of mankind.

Disclaimer: I blogged this as a critique.


One thought on “Medicine, a question now?

  1. Very valid points. Jazakumullah khair. Studying at medical college does change your perception of the “noble profession”. It is very interesting to be on the inside of the health care provider/patient perception of medical education. I had to smile at “a bit candid, as usual”.

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