Obama Again, Not Bad, If.

“The black president lost love after subsequent drone attacks on western border of Pakistan and the life losses in Iraq-Afghanistan wars which wasn’t fruitful, President has rose the flags of Democrats once again, despite of his failing regimes and few of the not-very-favorite congress actions. He had the competitor who has a very strong American roots not for the day but from ages, George Romney,father of Mitt,was also a Presidential candidate. Question in first term of Obama, that was mostly asked to the political experts was, “How Obama made to White House so quickly?”


“Change we need” and “Forward”, both had a very strong impact on the public, in a larger picture, Obama had brought back the glory of blues and reds to America which they lost during Bush. The state of glory faced the most destructive economy and huge financial setback in wars that were of no-use and obvious fact that Obama didn’t pull back the canons from the war fields is mere the fear of being labelled as wounded state and deployed army units somehow did not want to come back with unfinished business, killing of Osama in Abbottabad was an episode that has declared Americans to be the winners,now gradually the time has come for the men to go home.

I am not a racist, I hardly talk about the classifying features of a person, Obama’s roots are deep in blacks, a big question to west,How he became the chair? And now re-elected. It will remain a question, though in this term he will definitely be talking more to Islamic world, Britain who had been the long term ally of America has been already confronted on baseless occupation of Falk Islands in South, Palestine issue was a query to Obama’s cabinet, lets see how he will answer the Jewish Lobby which has already undulating the rope in State Bank.

Few things that are sure from his office are the complete cessation to Americans in war, new avenues to be opened for the eastern world, Africa gateway and most importantly bringing the public to power. Unfortunately, the foreign policies and all funding and recruitment beyond the Atlantic ocean is directly observed by Congress not the President alone, a sole reason that shutting down the drone attacks aren’t at all from the Seal of America. In real picture, yes militancy is present in this territory which must be subjected to dialogue rather than letting the Kalashnikov rule. Obama is a wise person enough to understand that making Asia tremble isn’t a solution, but bilateral conversations over the doubts can be resolved.

Obama has fought a long war, with many irrelevant sacrifices, if he opens tomorrow via the windows to Islam, bringing the culprits to trial through legal process and giving a long break to Marines can help the world to think towards peace, moreover, if America becomes the catalyst for Palestine and Kashmir, this will help to raise the new stature. Obama, belongs to the race of Luthers and Mandela, has known the east personally and Islam equally, its high time that he must paint a picture beyond the oil rigs and ‘Made in China’ phobia, for he is the President of world’s most strongest nation. He isn’t bad, had already taken few of the most important decisions for history, he has to compromise some of the issues to be in the list of men, who left their footprints.


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