The Khan

One year has passed since Khan started his campaign. 30th October 2011, when his charisma and nothing but his fight for status-quo brought a population to him in city of Hajveri. You might call it a mere propaganda or a jalsa which was planned by the army officials to create the stallion of establishment,fact is converse, all those who had been the part of Bhutto’s league accept the fact that magnetism of Khan is way more, the youth of subcontinent accepted either Jinnah or Khan in such a wild fanaticism. When I say, I support Khan it doesn’t mean I am against any other political party, I have a reason to support him.
We don’t need laptops when we couldn’t eradicate polio, we don’t deserve the youth festivals when you see people fighting for very basic needs, we don’t need metro bus service when you have such smooth going roads amid of the city.
We do need technology, fast mass transits but not in this year or not may be till we get the basic needs, preferences are different in this era.I even do not care whether he wins or not, I would even stand parallel to Nawaz League which has disappointed us from ages now, if, if they stand in the court of justice and accept that they abrogated the law, they humiliated the poor, the make fun of the sovereignty of country, they give back the money they have looted in form of better health care, better education, better infrastructure and make their living like most of us have and promise that they can be trialed equally like all other citizens can be, they will be heroes and I promise they will never because the soil decides the nature of plant, they were themselves plotted by establishment and those who contradict, I need an answer,can a business man turns from being making steels to favorite of General Jillani,overnight.
The world isn’t deaf, neither blind, we can see, those who think that Noon-League brought a change in Punjab, making chicken foundries and rising a ring road cannot change the fate of province. We are fighting at colonial level equally as we are in war at borders, acquiring education is getting tougher here each day, nepotism is a key opening door for public servants, merit is diminishing, if we say that life is safer in punjab than we go to south, it is a false statement. Hospitals where Shahbaz moves as health minister of Punjab has failed to keep them tidy,if I say we have the worst healthcare, no doubt.
I am not paid to advocate Khan, but I will be paid to stand for justice in a world hereafter. If he calls Nawaz to come on air and lets have a debate, why he gets the fright shivers? — The other day, you get statements against Shaukat Khanum from the ‘Palace of Raiwind’. A very famous urdu pharase, “Yeh kiski Amad hai kay Raan Kanp Raha hai”, those who labelled themselves as ‘Lions’ are cowards. Khan says,”I am not the Lion of Circus”,getting amused over personification of ‘Sher aya,Sher Aya!’ by Noon.
I even believe that creating such big jalsas cannot be done at a smaller scale they do have enroute to secret services that blend to give security and assurance, but how many are managed by them and how many walk themselves to the site. Khan has a vision, which is practicable if led by a leader not mere by just a bunch of billionaires who failed already. Money laundering and depreciation of economy took place in reign of Sharifs not even during Bhutto. This land of pure needs an answer.
Khan’s magnetism is phenomenal, may be many will vote for Khan. Khan has proved before at smaller scale but this time he is playing out of his crease, for he had been striving for 16 years now, his patience will be answered and many hope in him. I,at my personal level,do not care you believe in Khan or not, your acceptance won’t count when “Heroes are by Birth”.

“You call me an obsessed youngster with Imran’s 60 age youthfulness or you call me an evolved person supporting over-rated Khan, you call him the product of establishment, you call him a Yahoodi-Lobby, you call speaker of ‘Eyaka Na budu, Wa eyaka Nasteyeen’ an ordinary person, you call him the next false-fun, you say him mere a dream. Whatever you call him, I see this man differently.

He Wins or not, he gets the Prime-Minister-ship, Leader of Opposition or a huge setback in 2013 Elections, I am his fan and trust in his thoughtfulness.

You call him the Playboy of 1980s, you call him the Sita White Scandal, you call him the fun-maker in bed, you call him the alcohol taker of Oxford, you call him the ‘dramay-baaz’,you call him the money-stalker, you call him the professional cricket gambler. I call him the Hero,I call him the justice,I call him the maker of Asia’s Best Cancer Hospital, I call him the maker of 100 villages in North,I call him the Chancellor of Bradford University,I call him the founder of Namal Educational Complex,I call him Hilal-i-Imtiaz, I call him Pride of Performance,I call him the Honorary Doctorate of Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons, I call him the Unicorn of Keble College,I call him Thunder of Cricket, I call him the inventor of Reverse Swing,I see him in World’s Most influential Personalities, I see him the Ambassador of UN & UNICEF,I see him the World Cup Winning Captain, I see him as an Idealist.

People die but their contributions never, Imran Khan is one of the types. I see patience in him,I see integrity in him,I see valor in him,I see consistency in him,I see HOPE in him & I do not care you believe in him or not, but fact is that somewhere in you,there is Khan, For he is an ordinary man who is known for his extraordinary speculations.”


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