Gauche of Life – Internet Connections

I am in 2012, an age where we are talking to people miles away and sharing as if sitting in front of you. The sensational outlook of ‘Star Wars’ is true when Steve jobs announced his first skype call from Apple HQ. Point is that yes we have made our life simple at one fold but very complicated on the other.
If I am carrying a certain thought about a person, I have to be sure that I am wrong in this regard. Who knows what is the reality on the other end.

In this complication, keeping relations over internet has created a disaster in society, lately, internet made relations have been successfully bonded together but unsuccessful in long run, mere talking for hours over chat or smiling on web cam [smiling to an object] has been a fiasco of this industry.
Parental programs to control children from various web applications had also failed as many researching bodies have told that kids know more loopholes than anyone over the world over internet apps.
Once a concert was a big deal, now the music market lies mainly on itunes and youtube is the main television. Life is getting complicated though money makers are still trying to commercialization of the net but many ramps ahead, I made my own first email address when I was kid and for years passing by I logged into many sites that asked me to read terms and conditions which I never did, I am not the only … Facebook which demands being plus eighteen has now having the new born babies over it, mothers put up their new clothes pics and head shaving poses whence the kid doesn’t even know what is internet !
Privacy was one important step in social life, we do not share everything with everyone… but today by just clicking a button you are sharing irrelevant and somehow very private material to all your social networks and consequentially you are getting feedback from you colleagues. Today, if I say that a person with more likes is a philosopher, no doubt he is touching some to an extent that he/she is clicking the button to the word.
Politics were known to a door-to-door campaign years back, today the political parties are trending over internet and rather their vote bank lies heavily on opposite of the computer screens.
This is just one side of the world, whereas a huge world stays in darkness yes! Its nothing wrong saying them in darkness if one population is dealing with life with a click and other world deprived!

The essay goes on — the definition of reality is now yet to be redefined.


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