Today – Delusive Ordains

Prodigiously enhancing capabilities of a common man has brought to a monument of wisdom and not to believe what the national television says late night about the terrorized situation of the country,not those one line tweets of Interior Minister on @SenRehmanMalik impresses the lay man nor the statements of autocratic power-holders.Karachi is bathing in blood and the height of retardation of values that they are busy to degrade national awards by giving it to Meera,the metropolitan that has the most major economical growth is now breathing in an enigma.
A million question paper comes in mind that forces us to go lunatic,living in a state where traces of the democratic sequences and rest is the suppression of genuineness.
At times I feel @cafepyala more truthful than the general or the care-takers of judiciary system,where on earth is the ‘independent judicial system’ formed in accordance of Long March,as per the Nawaz group taking credits and raising their collars.A series of suicidal attacks in the land but no-one ever been declared by the judiciary of worthy Supreme court,neither the government could stabilize it in all tenure till date and still striving to make new collaborations for mutual concerns.Karachi,not a city but a port of national interest and heavily the economical producer is facing the hardest times,where is the telephonic-ruler of the city,where is the police and where are the law-keepers?

We see the anguish malignancy spreading endemically in the most populous city and rest of the country curbing in weight of inflation.This 64 year old state,still battering the odds for the survival,she never imagined that the city of the founder would ever face this,the streams of blood and rain of bullets,prevailing till the darkness of sorrows.Media propagating new terms in coming elections whence the present establishment is ordaining gigantically defaulter.Clash of civilization was one old debate but now initiating clash of faith is new heading for introducing the borders within home.
For one thing sure that its all manipulated by some Illuminati-theory and we the commons know nothing but to say our opinion and pray for better,even its a fact that the governing bodies are unaware of what they are inviting here,by the end they would have luxuries in some far off place but the sufferers would be today’s survivors.The provocation that has now become a pin that is hurting is the army and its role now! The majority say them ‘Bahadur Maa’on kay Bahadur Baitay’ but they call us ‘Bloody Civilians’,where they are? By all laws they have conditionally allowed to empower their rule in a particular destabilized area so as to bring it to normal and then safe transition to the democratic powers,unfortunately the paramilitary has already been accused of such allegations that may be they are preferring sitting in bunkers till anarchy exceeds the controllable extent.
What if they are not worthy to resolve internal dispute,where are the civil forces? – running out of funds,our minister said that.
Where is the judicial system – can’t they give orders to the law empowering agencies to control the situation or at least minimize.
We again find youth striving alone on roads of Karachi,helping the care-takers to bring to an extent of proficiency well enough to at least give a hope.Its high time that we should negate every theory that pulls us down and get together to initiate the best of us,No one in power is eligible enough to come in power again.

Pakistan Ka Khuda Hami’ o Nasir Ho!


One thought on “Today – Delusive Ordains

  1. In-fact judiciary no matter how independent,still depends upon good prosecution,also Govt. must go for new and strict laws passed by parliament and even military courts as thats not something new in Karachi’s context,as many were established for speedy trial after mass-arrests made during early and late 90s,the most turbulent decade for this city!!and at the end,whole issue is about will-power,because where there’s a will,there’s a way!

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