Kamran on Bike.Germany to Pakistan

The recent pictorial representations of Pakistan around the globe had been very tragic and right after the recent dwindling government the image had been demising like never before.Today,we are in 2011,an age where doing the impossible is possible,hurdles and ramps were drawn are now minimizing at one scale but parallel other problems do exist.Making impossible into reality and drawing the most vivid imagination into a real stature of adventure,a Pakistani based German,Kamran Ali has started the journey of the most unique of the lot that will be remembered for years to come.Taking up the challenge of 100 days journey from Germany to Pakistan,on his bike.He is an ordinary person but the blood of exploring is dragging him to advance and write a history.On his Facebook page,description begins with a famous quotation by Mark Twain :
Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover”.

The Logo for Kamran's Life Adventure.

This man started his journey on 2nd June 2011 and will be pedaling for next 100 days to reach Pakistan;passing through Poland,Czech Republic,Austria,Slovakia,Hungary,Romania,Bulgaria,Turkey,Iran and then ending in Pakistan.This approximately makes a journey of 10000 kilometers.Point of concern and somehow amazing thing is that many suggested him of involving media and mass promotions but he defied saying it as his own personal experience doesn’t need any sort of publicity.

Kamran Ali poses for his camera on road.

Journey for challenges began from Rostock,largest city of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern,northern Germany.This city is known for tourism and the economy greatly depends on it,plus Maritime Industry is another famous financial source for this area.University of Rostock is a symbol of the city from centuries now,that was established in 1419.
The final destination of the biker will be in Pakistan,in city of Punjab,Layyah.This city was once a town of few thousands but now a well versed city with facilitated educational and economical setups.Though the history of the city goes back to 16Th century and related to the atrocities of the Miranis and Jaskanis.

Kamran Ali,setting on learnt many mechanics of the bike,so to be self occupied by the long journey,having 600 plus Facebook page likes(till 24Th June 2011),updates all his followers with various activities and the hurdles he is often bound with.From the delicious food specialties of certain areas to the forgetful acts.Moreover the another attraction by many in this individual is that he is carrying visas with him for crossing all the borders of the countries he is going through and use public wireless internet spots to update us with his pictures and activities.

The vehicle he is using is a unique recumbent cycle,named Maya.Red glory bike marking his history.He almost lays down plus equipped with GPS for his tracking all the way and his own account of mileage.

The Recumbent Bike,Maya.Veteran of 10000 Kilometers by August 2011

The man can easily be contacted on his page,he replies to everyone and seems like a social and friendly being.Many of his followers post him messages and he accepts them,replies and may be enjoying his exploration to the fullest.He is also on twitter and can easily be followed by @kamranonbike .Moreover,his site www.kamranonbike.com is his personal portal of the very expedition.

Facebook Page : 'Kamran on Bike.Germany to Pakistan'

He is living an adventure himself,for what the German paper says as caption for his picture:Fahrräder stehen in Pakistan für arme Verhältnisse. Autos sind ein Statussymbol. „Ein Liegerad hat dort aber bestimmt noch niemand gesehen

Bicycles are available for poor conditions in Pakistan. Cars are a status symbol. “A recumbent bike has determined there but nobody was”.

Image of a German Newspaper,featuring Kamran Ali

If he makes through at large,masses admire his activity and as an individual he may carry one of the finest adventures but he is creating a history as a Pakistani.Its high time people like him must get up,propagate what exists in them and bring the world the real image of our homeland.We are adventurous,we are courageous and no doubt we are the symbols of dignity and strength.If there can be one Kamran Ali,there can be many more to stand up and show this globe,the real Pakistan.We can do anything !



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