We Don’t need Arsenals

The world is setting to fight for certain goals which will definitely end up with bloodshed and hundred million problems for whole humanity,the revolts and voice of revolution is going opposite now,raising yourself for change is ending up taking away your own life,its the peak time to understand we are in a civilized era,we know etiquettes,we know manners; no one earth is that brutal,no ruler,no establishment,you give them the chance to be like that.
We don’t need arsenals,it should be the address now,we don’t need,we don’t need weapons to fight against,we don’t need it…we have better ways to raise voice,the ink that flow making things pure,write honestly! World will listen you.Sa’daat Hasan Manto,an eminent scholar and maestro of literature said that ink always flow with a cause,no body drives to write but the idea in mind calls on the man to be a writer,its a fact! Yes.Write,irrespective of what world say,write it,the blank sheet of paper demands nothing but truth,make the sheet a souvenir for ages to come,that when you may not be on earth a group of people in some gathering of winter nights factually read aloud to tribute the truthfulness you wrote years back – indeed phenomenal !

What else,who says we need just weapon to fight,here I am not talking to a certain nation or a clan – I am talking to human in general,of course if you keep on writing and the enemy is stubborn enough to open fire,you can’t be silent,an equal rather more potent answer is required then…but when things can be solved why not then!
‘You have the most instant weapons with you always’,usually quotes the lobby of literary people,brain and tongue…really! If you can come up with motives of cause and hope of life plus a light of integration within,No one on earth can crush you! In today’s history we are making up and setting to roll now towards World War III,that would end up disastrously.Einstein was of the view that World War III would be manipulated with certain weaponry which would devastate the human as such that would drag the mankind back to stone age,World War IV will be with bows and arrows!
We Don’t need arsenals for bringing change,we have better things to solve the matters,refute the resistance and set new goals for ages to come.

Ahsan Zil E Ali
– Freehand Advocacy,Pakistani Bloggers


3 thoughts on “We Don’t need Arsenals

  1. The scorpion and the frog, my friend. The scorpion and the frog.

    War is human nature. There will always be a need for soldiers and weapons because the vast differences in culture make the dream of “world peace” and a human race united shoulder-to-shoulder impossible to realize.

    To tell you anything otherwise would be a lie.

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