Jalib – A Public Voice

Article isn’t uploaded in complete version,it will be published in Tribune Pakistan.

‘I met Hafeez Jalandhuri near Old Anarkali,I asked him where are you eminence? What are you doing these days?’ said Habib Jalib in a congregation held in Nasir Bagh during rule of Field Marshal,Ayub Khan.

He followed saying,‘Oh! I am very busy,I am his advisor’.(pointing upwards)

Jalib in Punjabi tone said that you are advisor to God?
Worthy exclaims as,‘No I am advisor to Ayub Khan,he calls me late night and asks me what to do? I always say just manipulate with Black coats and Muslims,above all put that poet in jail who keeps on saying Main Nahin Manta’.

After this incident,Jalib came up with one of the most renowned poem of ages,Maine Usay Yeh Kaha,which came up a slogan against martial law during era of 1960s.

The poet of public who after being in friends with governors and ministers,a person for whom Zulfikar Ali Bhutto tracked down each weekend and called him on,a symbol of revolutionary word and thoughtfulness in simple literature made him live for years to come.Today,Jalib’s wife and family are living a life deprived of basic needs near Lahore,Nawaz Sharif offering them Rs.25 Lacs to improve their living,forever lives Jalib! His wife saying this to one of the most powerful man of Pakistan,’Nawaz! May God give you more,but I am wife of Jalib,I gave word to him,we don’t want wealth,we have better things,take it away’.

30 years of Jail and fraternal address to the society,impressive indeed.He was never afraid of being a truthful human,time to make Jalib-ism open to all.
Jalib,a staunch believer of democracy or in other words power of public and negation to dictatorship made him write a lot,

Zulmat Ko Zia,Sar Sar Ko Saba,Banday Ko Khuda Kia Likhna,
Pathar Ko Gehr,Dewar Ko Dar,Kargas Ko Huma Kia Likhna


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