5 Small Things that can make Us Big!

Published in ‘Eye Candy’ Magazine of ‘The Post’

Though I know,it looks absurd to some people when you give your own verdicts and then try to prove them.We try to make ourselves bold in it and end up all in a blank sheet,I don’t want to make you think at this hour when you are setting up with your bed tea,anyone can be wrong but here is something concise as a thought of the day for you.

Be honest about everything you do,all clear,crystal clear,not even a tinge of black matter,such honesty that world should make it big and you should be named besides your absence.

Get a smile on your face,don’t get a stubborn,arrogant guy with a forced respect,such people don’t live in hearts just on land,they may be respected in front,but behind them just opposition.Smiling irrespective of various classes and differences can never make you small.Its always good to be good to others.

A Man is known for his genuineness,there are people who actually try to act as a nice guy,fake they are! we need to be neater ever when its about who you are actually,no disguises,all real.Its better to be bad then to be a bad-in-nice guy.

Negate whats unreal,standing for yourself is no novelty but for others,its big indeed,whatever,wherever you see an unrealistic matter,many say to keep their circle unit up to themselves but its always good to negate the wrong ends.

Trust carefully,when you do,make it big,above all trust yourself,thats most important.

Have a nice day!


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