Hum Dekhain Gay,We Will See; Faiz Echoes in Us!

People who actually know the real literature of Urdu anywhere around the world can never forget Faiz Ahmed Faiz for his poetry and everlasting word of real human rights,he expressed through his poems,after years he still lives in us,recondite and deep,no power can take his thoughts apart,he lives in us,in various forms thats what a local tandoor owner said by narrating few lines from Faiz’s poetry to me when I was interacting with him on spontaneous increasing poverty rate in Pakistan,

Hum Dekhain Gay
Lazim Hai ke hum Bhi Dekhain Gay
Woh Din ke Jis ka Wadah Hai
Jo Loh-e-Azl pe Likha hai
Hum Dekhain Gay

I would translate it as,my very honorable poet expresses as;he said that We will witness,the final day of judgement,the promised day,written in divinity(from the start of this universe),We will witness.

That tandoor wala after asking how many naan I will buy,proceeded saying that no matter what happen and how this world is moving,even it doesn’t care how we are living and surviving in such an economy which is now not only unpredictable but sometimes its becomes unrealistic,so forth we are living on water and air,who cares! The end is the same.

To hear such moving and true words brought me in to think that after reading Faiz so many times and even admiring him in many occasions couldn’t sum his thoughts in me as this tandoor wala did,how deep poet talked to us,on the drive back home,I was still diving and then re-diving into what the man said and I felt as if I was in a never land,two things that were endorsing my soul;one,how deep the poet was,second,the day which will knock anytime!
The unconditional depth at the moment was biased in a manner that it came in my mind,as nobody has ever expressed in a provoke of it or may be I think too much!

Faiz Ahmed Faiz,the revolutionary of his era has become immortal not only in pages of history but his words gave a true implications has been observed in recent Arab world for the uprising revolts,leading to empower the common man.
Faiz’s famous poem I referred in the beginning which was narrated to me by the man,came up as another sequel into me when Hosni Mubarak,the ruler of Egypt was dismantled from his seat and the TV host on The Morning Show of Express News 24/7,Huma Amir Shah uploaded his status on Twitter as, Sab Taj Uchalay Jayein Gay,Sab Takht Girayii Jayein Gay

In the poem it is clear,for the final day,that no matter how strong the leader or the ruler would be,democracy or monarchy,the end would be the same,everything would be brought to nil,the day bringing us together,with no identity just deeds and doings.

2011,year for which the Federal Government of Pakistan has announced to celebrate ‘The Year Of Faiz’ on his 100th year since the he was bestowed to us.Faiz,whose thoughts are ever provoking in us embeds deep when the beautiful voice of Iqbal Bano strengthen Faiz,intoxicate every believer of God,on the stanza,where the poet not only referred to the last day of Humanity but also blends with the expected revolution,where power would be the man,the justice would be the court,the love would be us and peace would be within,all real !

Whenever,whoever,wherever drowned once into this stanza will for sure thoughtfully embrace the concept of hope in such declining situation of the nations,

Bas Naam rahay Ga Allah ka
Jo Ghayab Bhi hai Hazir Bhi
Jo nazir bhi hai manzar bhi
Uthay ga Analhaq ka Naara
Jo Main bhi Hun aur Tumbhi ho
Aur Raaj karay gi khalq-e-Khuda
Jo main bhi hun aur tum bhi ho

Remaining would be Only God’s Existence,
Who Is Unseen and Seen Too,
Who Is The Sight and the Sighter Too,
The Words Of Reality Will Echo,
Which Are Me and You,
And Rule would be of Humans,
Which Are Me and You.

Simply priceless and makes me speechless,I can’t stop adoring the words of wisdom,the revolutionary expressed…

Well,world is moving now and in every half a century we see people from different areas of earth,wake from the sleeps of darkness,pool up against atrocities and pain,those nations rise and become models for the others,we stay intact with hope,if One Faiz then Seventeen Crore Faiz live,breathe and walk on this land of God,with trust and hope,we are Alive! Thats what I hope but if I am wrong,I pray everyone feel the legendary poet’s word once just once!



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