An Epistle To Love

An Undefined Feeling,

I don’t know where to start my address,simply take it as a note from someone who breathe on the Land of God.What is your real form? I always wanted to touch you and feel you,what is in you? Highness of your character I am so doubtful about you at times that I mingle you with other things happening around but I don’t have words to explain whats happening within me when it comes to your unique existence,you always remain highlighted when you were demanded.Please,highness! come in real form,for just once.Love,when I was not in touchable form,I took you God,whom I could trust,say and share everything,it was all natural,may be that was the perfect form I felt.But then I came onto earth,where on my first sight was a woman,mother became the new structure of yours,each night when I cried aloud,you helped with that,stayed awaken till I could sleep,there you were so honest that I started doubting myself,your kiss on my forehead gave me life and an aura filled around me,I became the happiest and so contented for that.I kept on breathing and crawling when my father held my finger and learnt me to walk,gave me word and made believe,helped me with world around and shared the best of life,you then came with a new level,i didn’t know what was happening,each day you appeared with something new.You know then I started moving with life,you became a fairy that took me to dreams each night when I slept,yeah! then whenever I used to fell with my coddling feet,you appeared and made me smile again,you were my friend in real,just you had different structures,but you were the same,always with me.Then I kept on moving and life became faster each day,then you came forward in entity of a beautiful girl with long hair and deep eyes,you stayed there till i fell asleep,kept on talking and I kept on sharing,you made me happy each time I was broken.What are you? I couldn’t get a chance to ask you when you were in front of me,each identity was sight trapper,I couldn’t move,I numbed and absorbed you each time.I remember,I was on a cliff where you appeared in essence of a peacock with every possible color of the universe in every feather I saw,once along the flowing river I felt you below that infinite sky and once along the cloud lining with rainbow.Love,sometimes you appeared in a white cloak of peace and sometimes you made me silent in roars,parallel you made hundreds and millions touch the heights and at times made a common man addicted to life.Your profile had been full of turns that I couldn’t make it,you made dervishes whirl for so long that they became symbols of the region,with red caps and white gowns,you made the saint to step on gallows,what you were? Please,now come,I want to face you.You became symphony for a musician and letters for a writer,you transformed into a ballet dancer for the crowd and turned into a snake for the charmers,your forms are uncountable.Yes,you appeared on first sight,you became so attractive for me and then you filled me in,you came in friends and then you came in a pleasant breeze.I don’t know what you are.At a sight you turned to out bright the other half you became a hope,at an angle of depth you made me shallow,on the other you made me fly,for a sentence of sorrow you gave me a new zeal,at word of sadness you held me tight,you are love! But so many faces,please I want to see you once for all,I want to hug you long and stay for sometime of my life with you,I am just a common human made of clay and you,you are magnificent,you are every color,you are all the existence! I don’t know what to say you more
I believe that I will meet you someday and would be able to say you thankyou for every moment you stayed with me in variant forms!

Human Being


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