Burn Every Cluster of Wheat of That Field

Jis Khet Se Dehkan Ko Maya’sur Nahin rozi,
Us Khet K Har Khosha e Gun’dum Ko Jala Dou

If a field does not provide livelihood to the tiller
Burn Every Cluster of wheat of that field

The extract from Iqbal’s very famous poem,’Farman e Khuda’,how unfortunate that nation would be if the tiller himself is not equipped by the substance cared by him.
Which nation it is? Iqbal never conversed to Muslims or Indo-Pak,he always had a version of global word,an address to the humanity.Its a fact that there are many nations who are just striving for the basic needs,no food to the one who puts all his efforts to pool as proper as to come to the standards,pity!

In third world countries,its a very common thing,humanity is striving for food to eat,cloth to wear and shelter to live in,who cares! The riches never bother about the lowest social class,they remain addicted with their wealth and poor putting all to just earn a bread of the day.Years back,when I wasn’t that absorptive of the social happening,I met a farmer,I remember who used to lease some area each year to sow rice in Western Punjab,he expressed then that he has nothing but a sickle to harvest and a bowl,used to drink water,take tea and if gets food then in the same utensil.Many of the family died of mal-nutrition and remaining earn themselves…note he was a tiller,who brought up the rice crop! Isn’t it an open negation to human’s existence?

Who else can bring the word to international circles,the riches have the palace,the poor doesn’t even have a canvas to wrap themselves within…It really touches the insight,how come those who have an ample,sleep so comfortably,when the beggar next street sleeps all hungry,dies of winter with no burning fire,..!

Then how come world powers say ‘No’ to uprising voices of poor,why the best of the brains never come in power,why minds of erudition sacked in front! A million questions with just a common answer,’I don’t know’.

Its the biggest catastrophic condition of this globe,where nature even doubts what this human is up to !

Concords !


2 thoughts on “Burn Every Cluster of Wheat of That Field

  1. i love da way u say things,but who will actually take voice to avenues n parliaments of this land? aap ya main? ya kon? each time i visit ur blog i m impressed but this time could resist commenting,plz kp on writing such stuff,i believe u cn do big things with ur pen..

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