Forget About The Thief Waiting In The Alley

Thats It !

‘Bandits’ & ‘Burglars’ a word to be remembered when its about the superheroes,Superman-the man of steel flies on,Spiderman yo! an ultimate encounter with sandman … but have you witnessed the real time thieves ? they live within you,

“Don’t become a victim of yourself. Forget about the thief waiting in the alley; what about the thief in your mind?” – Jim Rohn,a personality to be accepted vastly when it comes to personality development sessions!

note it,again.. ‘What about the thief in your mind?’

So theft isn’t in the lockers and banks,the main thing rests in your soul,what made me think like this,observe the following !

Two Text Books,7 Practical Copies,One Cell Charger,One White Coat! - Mercy

I have deep sympathies for the very owners,but the very word is ‘Teri Meharbani’ WoW ! You adored the thieve in a beautiful way 🙂 Liked,you actually accepted the very act of the respectable thieve.I actually doubt the owners,three of them have the same name 😛 and what on earth you were having 7 practical copies,please show me your locker how big it is..
I’ll pray for you 🙂

Otherwise we wish you Badluck,Throughout your life ! Mercy, Oh God! Where on earth is this happening,Humanity of God striving for .. giving Badlucks to eachother!

Please! You are a human,are you? Don’t disgrace others,its a serious matter,don’t be..try to understand the situation,for sake of his or her (whatever is the gender of the thieve) act you will start wishing bad lucks? No! First try to be humane,then you will actually know what is in you! This notice was movable

Owner of Locker No.35 ? Excuse Us .. - Stolen , Return to College Office ! Can't Stop Laughing

If he or she had to return then why and what on earth made him or her steal two books ! You actually confused Sherlock Holmes here 😛 Hello,investigator,I hope the thieve will return it,okay you dumb,what then made you put this notice,bye!

We Love You Ross & Wilson .. must be said by 'The' Thieves 😛

Ross & Wilson,your books are so perfect that I have stolen them ! simple

All Pictures are taken in real time,from a notice board at a college! Going through all of them the author actually recalled the caption of this post,which is a famous saying of Jim Rohn,took the pictures and then shared around the world,No one on earth accepts ‘Ali Baba & Forty Thieves’ nor is any word for Garette the Bandit!
The world needs the proof,no one becomes an innocent easily,it takes time,anyways,I pray for the victims to be at par with all their belongings..



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