The Moral Brigade

The substantive existence of the society is not only common but simple too,but certain factors existing in the society creates hurdles,a ramp after every goodness and thats the very unique time we need to understand that standing against the odds is the best feature of a man or simply the best act of God’s creation,there is a very important thing that has to be accepted that lot of times the originalities face red light on every cross road,not only accepting the against features and then relating to what is the best of the happening is the best of the rest.
Lately,I had to interact with students of an anonymous University and they gave a vision of such people as ‘The Moral Brigade’,nonetheless I didn’t only accept the very phrase but appreciated that its a concise heading to understand it.Yes,standing in a society where odds prevail and you raise the voice of best with zest,fight against the black army,no arsenals but perception to gain the instinct of the best,its not only natural but in the mean time the perfect presentation to be given to God about your own perception of the very social circle.

The pillars of the brigade is as,

Hacer De La Educacion Cumon:
The spanish civilization that had a very deep influence of Muslims and the land where Tariq Bin Zayad,the famous of Gibraltar and the successors profound this that education has to be made common or else the illiteracy would lead to declining of the society,More the education,more knowledge,more interactive brain,a better individual,all summing together with a better society.
Where ever the literacy rate is less its a fact that the society faces a common declining feature throughout,nobody cares about it,but the heritage and the history for that particular existing civilization is entirely different.

Honoro Femina:

The Latin,which means Respect women,the Latin literature and the very Latin civilization introduced that its not Men’s Universe but equal to put women,the term was given when Women were only used as Slaves,Sex Figures…I read in a magazine that Latin Civilization was so deprived at one part when sports on women were propagated,that included raping.
Now the brigade faces a clan in a society of rude,unruly guys who may not be as worse as those Latins but yes in the mean time,brains filled with filthy and unbearable thoughts do exist.

Upright Truths:
Every doctrine of the world teaches of being truthful,more real and more factual each time you step ahead,but with progressing world and complexing brains and complicated social circus is leading to lies and many times truths are dunged deep with no real time noun.Recently,a psychiatrist said in some conference that being a doctor its my first step to trust my patient,but at times my patients speak so false that I doubt are they only psychiatric disturbed,only..
Many of the court cases are differently perceived by the judiciary and many times advocates refer of being a liar to the conflict and saves the culprit.
Brigade says No and promotes truth.

Co-Operation & Compromise:
We are less in regards of evils that mingle around,co-operating with other individuals provide a better image and helps one to one interaction,the society helps and makes people healthy mentally,co-operating and then compromising simultaneously provides a better place to live in,overlook others mistakes and then making best with others,society helps in making people more strong in this regard.

Ignore The Waste:
‘In live the blacks where whites breathe’,its natural to have people in a society who keep on creating problems,no more words just do one thing,Ignore! Don’t give attention to those people,trust me life starts becoming easy,those then village apart from the society and thats what is left,bye bye they say,you breathe freely and happily.

But the very unique feature is that if we all become part of this multi-dimensional brigade,the life will be great and secure,mentally and spiritually,thats it!
Join it soon 🙂



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