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In this painful socializing circles of the world,Algeria & Yemen came forward as Facebook 85000 members in view of a general and open anti-government plan,who on earth can stop a nation ? If they are provident of their rights.
The protest is obviously running on the “spirit” of the recent events in neighboring nation Tunisia. Activists from the 6th of April Youth Movement and Egypt’s Kifaya movement are behind this and other Facebook and Twitter invites.
25th January was decided and it proved out to be a huge protest.

Jennifer Rubin writer of Washington Post wrote as : As I wrote yesterday, Tunisia has lit a fire in Egypt. Secular protesters mounted an impressive showing of strength. Stephen McInerney of the Project on Middle East Democracy told me yesterday that the government used hoses and rubber bullets because it dared not “kill Egyptians in the street.”

Guardian writing about it says, ‘The largest dissatisfaction of a nation in recent past’

Wikipedia provided a new heading _Revolution 2011 of Egypt naming it as Youth Revolution,a power and strength that is following all way from Tunisia and warming the bloods of Egyptians.
Another view,Bye Bye Hosni Mubarak,the Puppet Ruler of Middle East,the day of anger is the label given to the very protest.
The main protest in various areas with unruly mob and disbanded forces is another question mark,all youth at the front line,irrespective of the social classes.The civil disobedience and boycott the governmental services is giving a whole new world to set for,in middle east.

The Image from Guardian

Its the time for World wide super powers to acknowledge the people of Egypt for raising the voice,expressing justice!
Point to be noted is,Tunisia proved,Egypt setting and Yemen on the way,Whats next ?
Well God Knows the Rest.

The Nations Are Alive ! The Humanity is Awake !

From Urdu,’Girti Dewar Ko Aik Dhaka Aur Dou’
Let the Endings Cede to Finality!



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