U-Turn Sign,here We Go !

From Phone Camera,Low Resolution Though! Click In to see enlarged version Taken on Red signal,outside Governor House,Lahore.

I had taken the picture as a memoir for the new worthy and prestigious member of the row that made into Governor House,but my photography skills were lacking,indeed,I wasn’t expecting to see a sign above the banner (which I didn’t observe while capturing) the banner was below the U-turn Sign.
Now,I am not saying,neither is any media pointing this,the banner and the pole on which it is hanged,SAY IT ALL !

We Take a U-turn,Do it,Then Run,
If Nothing Done,Then for sure,We Burn !

2 thoughts on “U-Turn Sign,here We Go !

  1. ahsan bhai,great awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!
    i love the way u think…….
    camera acha hota tou ziada acha tha but still u did

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