To Vice Chancellor,GC University.

The Vice Chancellor,
GC University.

Its for the first time in the history of GC University that a Ravian is standing in green lush oval ground with heavy heart,trembling tongue and eyes filled up with tears,on what you and your management allowed to carry out in the prestige of the very institute.Sir,You yourself forgot the matter of being Ravian,you had been leading it from 1992,you studied but sorry,you couldn’t absorb,in which I drowned,colored myself and polished my existence and then borne from.

A name of Fundraiser given to open ‘Mujra’ in the institute of Iqbal and Salam,a complete negation to the corridoors of Ashfaq Ahmad and Patras,pity!

For two hours,a woman kept on dancing on dirty and filthy lyrics,where on earth were you?
From the day I stepped into GC University,my word of being a Ravian was enough,now first time in history,Ravians are proving themselves,advocating alone…uh!

From Express Tribune
A BA student told The Express Tribune that he bought the ticket only to see Deedar. “At a private theatre, I couldn’t touch her or exchange smiles with her,” he said. “Thanks to GCU, my wish to dance with her has come true.” He said that GCU Registrar Sahibzada Faisal Khurshid had asked Deedar to dance to the song Sheela Ki Jawani. The registrar was unavailable for comment.

From Pakistan Today
LAHORE – The Government College University (GCU), Lahore, one of the most respected and widely-acclaimed institutions of the country, turned into a dance floor when renowned stage dancer, Deedar, notorious for her vulgar dances, performed at the Bonfire Night held at the varsity on Wednesday, which forced the varsity’s former registrar to shake a leg on famous Indian songs, Pakistan Today has learnt.
Deedar performed on recent hit songs such as “Munni Badnaam Hui”and “Sheila Ki Jiwani”, which did not go down well with varsity students. Some students did not like the idea of inviting Deedar to the historic educational institution saying that the home of knowledge was converted into a hub of vulgar activities. Students said that the Punjab CM donated millions of rupees for GCU’s educational development but party-loving GCU faculty members are using its campus for such offensive activities.
On the other hand, a GCU official, seeking anonymity, said that the function was arranged by a TV channel in which Deedar was invited and the varsity administration had nothing to do with it. He did not answer the question that why the varsity campus was used for “Deedar’s Mujra”. As students saw Deedar performing her vulgar dance, many female students were seen leaving the venue. The audience, mostly GCU students were also being entertained when the former registrar also started dancing.

From Times of India
Senior faculty members criticised Deedars’ performance, saying it was not worthy of an institution of GCU’s standing. They noted that in previous years, the performers had been classical singers and regional dancers practiced in historic art forms. Their performances had cultural and educational value, they said. “Deedar’s dance sends the wrong message across the world about the GCU. Half the audience was female students. What will they have learnt from Deedar’s dance?” asked one faculty member.

From Nawa i Waqt

From a Local Paper

An Image of a Local Paper

Now what else I can say? I am a proud Ravian, still .. I don’t know,but Yes! once a Ravian are always Ravians.What brigade you had been running long,did you even deserve that? Bokhari audtorium where each friday we were taught to live the fullest and the best,now?
Sold the prestige for Rs.1000 per ticket,if endowment was so needy,you would have told me,I could have raised more funds for my,listen it again,’MY’ Government College,I had been raising funds throughout Pakistan when it was needed,Ravians throughout must have raised more than 0.2 million,what you raised,Pity!

I still remember when you conversed of ethics and manners,you proved out.You made me cry in real.

I end the letter with just one sentence,
you don’t deserve to be the Vice Chancellor of GC University,if your son is in World Bank or your friends list follows to world renowned personalities,so what? You make it a brothel house ..
I don’t even had better words to write on it.

‘Kanjri Bandiye Meri Izat Na Khatdi , Mainu Nach kay Yaar Mana’wan dey’

That is now echoing over those marbled floors and Gothic architecture.GC Univeristy isn’t your property,its The Prestige of Asia !

Old Ravian


11 thoughts on “To Vice Chancellor,GC University.

  1. its just a shame….
    our proud just got dumpd by a bull shit vc…..
    nw how the helll can i say “PROUD TO B RAVIAN” ?
    n how can i defend ,if i say that line …..
    just two words for the management …. fst word is 4 letterd n start wid f … n second is three lettered ;-/

  2. As a Ravian, I’m disgusted at this … I used to proudly raise my hand in the class when professors asked who is from GCU? Not anymore … I now fear anyone would comment: the same institution that allowed Deedar to dance?

  3. I am feeling so bad,down vc !
    down wd evrythng dt led to it…
    attendance pe bohat shor machata hai
    apni asliat tou dekhlay
    down down down !!

  4. I am from U.S,just was going through searches about my college,I am moved. Painful!
    But Still from miles away,I love u GCU

  5. i remember when i was in evening classes in various academies four years back when i was in fsc,every teacher respected those boys who said we are from gcu,especially when they were in maroon blazers in winters,ravians do have potentials,no doubt..
    my brother is there now,he told me the reaction of faculty towards the vice chancellor.
    well projected,thanks for sharing with us

  6. To all Ravians
    Please read my message very carefully, analyse it and then comment it. I am ready to accept critique. Tolerance of others’ opinion is the most important element in socio-cultural parameters of civilized world. I believe we are basically followers of band wagon and don’t apply our own minds to look into a situation. What happened in GCU in really horrible as it is a great seat of learning and has extraordinary history of producing men of high repute in the world. I think bringing the dancer to GCU stage is a sin committed by one individual but we are blind people who are rather than fixing responsibility of the mistake on one person, we are uselessly feeling ashamed of being Ravians . What a shame! Some people are even abusing the VC blatantly and feeling ashamed of being its alumini. I am its son and I still feel pride of being its son. This act of a third class mentality that brought Deedar for dancing in GCU can’t avert me from being in love with my Alma mater – GCU. Some people have found it the most suitable time to revenge from Dr. Khalid Aftab under the curtain of this blunder that has been committed in the name of so – called entertainment of fund raisers. I am ready for any comments to receive but I am still feeling pride to GCU son.

  7. Yes I agree with you my dear Ravian when the Vice Chancellor chose an MA third division holding person as the Registrar of this greatest institution of the south Asia, that was the first day of the decline of VC Dr. Khalid as unwise friends always drown you down. The incumbent Registrar Sahibzada Faisal Khurshid was selected Registrar even though his PhD competitors were rejected. He is the most notorious person who ever conspired against the staff to grab this position. I have been his student in GCU and I know Mr. Sahibzada Faisal has nothing to do with English teaching. He is a blind person as far as his vision is concerned. He should have not been in position. Indeed, he led to decline of Dr. Khalid aftab who promoted him.

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