2010 & Comics

This Gregorian 2010,that ended was a pandora plus poise in many ways,well,time runs nobody can stop! But this year had been very unique in context of mediums introduced. The globe turned around the sun,giving a new image hence a new world,it made me laugh as i scrolled the past !

Millions Got Mad :
It was not late with major hit ‘Bad Romance’ yet,Rihanna poked with ‘Rude Boy’,I didn’t like.Unconditionally,comes in Indian hits,Sheila & Munni,the music wasn’t that dark but nonetheless international & local street music leveled !

Forget about Bieber Fever,his music may not get that fervently on tongue but his hairstyle – he made it ! USA’s child less senior artist.2010 was a Bieber year

Atif Aslam becomes Highest selling Asian musician in the world,trust me I had to digest this news with difficulty – I do believe.
Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is Indo-Pak celebrity(he is Pakistani national),I wonder how?
Saleem Merchant sings in Fifa Worldcup opening ceremony,I saw it on YouTube,couldn’t see him on Live coverage – Nobody thought he is worthwhile to be telecasted with stupid song he sung.

American mother says in a road show,My son of 5 years doesn’t know what is 4th of July but does know Waka Waka & Shakira.
Ali Zafar came in Bollywood with hilarious shoots,uh! Tere Bin Laden – a movie with no starting and no ending but making a record business,how? I don’t know!

The Green Grounds & Drama:
Spain winning the title of world’s most popular game,Aniesta turns out the most handsome player (I doubt how Fifa defines ‘Handsome’),Xavi creates hell out of brands.David Villa makes the biggest hit in crush list of 2010,every third girl has a crush on him,says Spanish magazine.

Cricket comes in the ground with allegations against Pakistani cricket,the drama turned out bright when ICC called the cricketing heroes in the court.

Women Cricket of Pakistan gets in limelight of International media,while men had Shoaib Malik’s marriage with Sania Mirza – the marriage whose updates were preceded the Waziristan Drone attacks.The marriage is a serious issue,media dubbed it comical.

Naseem bibi from Pakistan turns out South Asia’s fastest woman on track,the world turned out smiling when Aisam lost the US Open Grand Slam Final’s – He won 17 crore Pakistani fans by his speech,we learnt to admire players by their speeches.We do admire Inzamam’s speech too !

Rafael become Baron of Tennis,I laughed
Trust me,you don’t know actual meaning of ashes,its Ashes !

Lips & Reds:
Throughout the world,lipstick becomes a sex symbol,how? I don’t know,MAC Ruby knows.

Hollywood says it was a red lipstick year.The diva styling needs it in all red,the worst match becomes when Kristen Stewart wearing Maroon dress puts on a red lipstick,the news caught up the international media,oh! c’mon there may be some loadshedding in Hollywood as it is in Asian countries or some shortage of power in the cabinet where she was getting ready,said by an indian journalist in Hollywood catchers.(I can’t put up her picture,she is barely wearing anything).

No Fruits,They Are Life:
Apple with iPhone 3GS wasn’t happy,I think,they came up with 4G,fourth generation,what is this? keep on adding features,they turn there generation.Mentioning,iPad,what on earth was missing that Apple fever dominates.

‘Malic Acid can protect us from cancer’,says a doctor in American Doctors Conference,’I won’t say Apple,it means differently now’.The new angle got a new shade,its not just a berry,its a Blackberry – life becomes difficult now (not at all easy)

Post on My Wall:
I wonder,just wonder,posting on wall is prestigious than gifting,it is! Which wall ? – Facebook is another whole level !

The things must have been tolerated if it wasn’t twitter,thanks to the application that connects both.

Oh My God:
2010’s biggest fever – This year things turned out more funny,when in a Church at Oklahoma,the bride said in the congregation,’I am so happy to have a husband likely to be Twilight fan,though he doesn’t resemble Edward at all’.What on earth made Robert Pattinson that lovely?

The most wanted couple of 2010 – Edward & Bella,God Sake !
I even doubted Stephanie Meyer,what kind of writer she is,her characters were full of desperation.
2010 was a year of Vampires not Humans – Vampire Diaries is another silly hit of the year, I watched it too!
Your lover bites,you become eternal,I can just sigh!

Nobody caught the message:
Avatar is the most scene movie,what on earth made it? those bluish yellowish greenish animated characters,I know.

The world wanted a change,they got human like creatures!
Shrek4 made children mad after a local show in a community school in Africa,what? Yes !

A hundred things more that made me laugh,what human made himself,couldn’t absorb the real,but did everything.Year passed,may new year gives us more better ways to spend and talk to life !



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