Trashing The Bad Memories

30th December 2010,the New Yorkers celebrated a day which they called,‘Good Riddance Day’.Lots of flyers and banners were made that extended along the Times Square,young boys and girls visited it with zeal and expressed their word on the media gathered to cover the event.
Some came up with the vision to quit smoking while some expressed to forget bad people of their life,the most unique word was,not to carry any bad things from the dawning of 2011.

Johnston,a local writer said in his interview that he is not in a mood to affiliate anything bad to life.45 years old writer intensified his view by saying that since I came in New York I may have committed many sins but its my new year resolution to catch heavens at the best.
A young girl,Lira,in her teenage said that I want to trash all the worst memories with my step sisters and expect the same in return from them,I want to live with love and affection.
A business man,there in the event said that I am ready to forget all my business deals that led my bank accounts crash…I can try.
To depict more powerfully,people there wrote on paper,‘I am ready to Trash My Bad Memories’ and then threw it in large dustbins,few wrote ‘Done,No More’.
Well,it was a unique way…Thanks to New Yorkers for this day.We Pray that we may not gather any bad memories or people,but if they enter by force,may good times prevail for years to come(Amen)


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