Boom Boom

A Man who gave a new vision to the Cricket-ing world.For which Tony Greig in his commentary says,’..match isn’t about the winner,this man is entertaining the fans of cricket on the globe’.Brand ambassador of more than 10 brands together in Pakistan and abroad,man whose simple glimpse can change the whole scenario,he is a heart-throb of cricket and Pakistan,jointly;born in 1980 and appeared on the ground in 1996,at age of 16 years,better known as ‘Lala’ in Khyber agency and world knows him by ‘Boom Boom Afridi’.

Rang the bells in every avenue,an all rounder,from Leicestershire to South Australia,he proved the man of deeds and integrity.Carrying a slogan of ‘Love u Afridi’ in Gaddafi stadium is no novelty,no matter what he plays but his appearance changes the scene of the stadium.Afridi-ism is a belief every Pakistani Cricket fan owns,his rapid fire sixes and finally catching the ball with his long dyed hair in air makes him eye candy for photographers along the pavilion and young street boys witnessing the match in local dhabbas.
He catches the fire even after a duck,he makes his fans believe every now and then that Afridi is alive just time to time variant of the fact to entertain the world of cricket and the people.
A local writer of Kenya in his column said about his performance in Nairobi,‘I am not at all a cricket fan nor I ever accepted the offer of cricketing in the streets but when I went to stadium with my nephews to see the match first time,all I know is,each time the ball touched Afridi’s bat,I could only hear roars of applause,hooting and african dance along’.

Irrespective of his tensions with Indian cricketers,his love and generosity is unique of the kind,acceptable appearances with Sachin Tendulkar & Rahul Dravid makes people love him in the sub-continent,even his famous name ‘Boom Boom Afridi’ was given by Ravi Shastri right after equalizing the third fastest ODI century of Brian Lara against India.His parallel action to Kapil Dev of four consecutive sixes to Harbhajan Singh in a test match and hitting the roof of Millenium Stadium brought his fans an ever eternal smile.
Catching 32 runs against Malinga Bandra in Abu Dhabi made him ‘the Hitter’ of ODI History.
Well,ball tampering issues and so-called scandals will never bring his love and affection down,though it is the desire of every Pakistani that if he brings a little calmness and protectiveness in his cricket,he has the potentials of carrying trophies in every tour;it is the demand!
His social circle extends throughout the world,from walking over the fashion ramp in San-Francisco to launching his own ‘Shahid Afridi’ brand,he is potent of calling,Mr.Perfectionist !
Filmstar,Aamir Khan said in a press conference that its not only Khan that is common between me and Shahid but its love for people that lives in us,Afridi you made cricket proud of you!
Though Moin Khan had been suggesting him to be self-control,we all say the same but in a tinge of rainbow,‘Shahid,it would be better if you stay on pitch long,No Hurry!’
No matter how people opposed him during his career,he is capable of taking up the challenges,when we needed him the most,he changed the history for Pakistan,usually he do,but since Afridi-ism is casual,the spirits are all fire,probable of cooling down anytime! Even if goes out,a hundred things expressed of Mal-performance on the pitch,but not the least,when he appears right in the next match,whether he stays for few minutes or few hours on the pitch,he is All ours !

P.S. Sahibzada Muhammad Shahid Khan Afridi,irrespective of all the days you went out all clean bold or catch out,not considering the defeats you got,you made Pakistan proud too,but we pray that you become strong and long on pitch,we want to see you more,healthy and smiling (with wit and style)

Prayers & Wishes !


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