2010 Bye Bye,Good Bye !

You are leaving,
I know,We will never meet again,
Last Time,Give me a Hug and a Huge Smile,
You Brought me High there I took a Sigh.

You Took Me There,Where I met Them All,
I will remember the Lesson of Truthful Call,
You taught me Honesty to People who adore,
You told me to refrain Where Evils core.

Yes,you brought some unending tears,
I know,
But Parallel you brought Eternal Smiles,
All in Row.

You were a Blessing in many rays,
Thence you were Cries in many ways.

You took away many humans away,
You brought adorable people almost every day.

Thank You for Every good moment you gave me,
I Forgive You too in this way!

Its time to Say You Bye,
My new Guest is here,I am off to receive them!
2010 Bye Bye,
Good Bye !

2011 Welcome,with new hopes,new journeys,new goals,new life,new people,new things,new vision,new thoughts,new perceptions,new styles,new approaches & new resolutions !
-Ahsan Zil E Ali


11 thoughts on “2010 Bye Bye,Good Bye !

  1. very well expressed.
    happy 2011….

    Thanks for joining us..

    visit and comment for 18 poets from the list, let me know after you are done.
    have fun!

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