Twisting Patterns

When You get people around to suppress you,don’t get hurt,get a hidden smile and move on.Believe me this happens when others cannot see you where you want to be i.e indeed you want to be at the top of the world.As the life moves on,you get hundred million tacts to deal with different people in different circles,from your school life you start perceiving different thoughts about your social circle but as you step into a university,people not only then suppress you but create hurdles in your way.Stops you from the righteous path and even it may happen that they plot problems,makes you upset,thats the right time you differentiate your true friends and fake individuals of your life.

The human and its approach changed so rapidly that its now hard to recognize the right person,where human thoughts mingled with so many different items that everything around seems to be fake,feelings and emotions for which Lamberg said that the only things which can never be fake are now artficial. Hatred dominating the mankind,from the national level to family levels,a certain opposition prolonging and making it difficult for everyone of us to breathe and live. From professional hatredism to resistance amongst the clans is a very common sight of now.

Its no more than a superlative form of the chaos,you don’t get the time to smile but others makes you cry,you don’t get a way to escape while others make problems to refuge in you.You want to move on,others hold your back,you want to scribe your presence in a group others kick you out.You sit alone,cry,become hopeless,your dreams shatter,your vision blurs,your approach diminishes,your thoughts entangle,your perception fades,your world breaks,you see the crest of the horizon with a hope but no light covers you,you see in the sky with tears in eyes and cries! O! My Allah why I am this? No voice replies you.Your strength cracks every instance but still what makes you live,probably a divine nature of the human.You know that the one who is within you,making you live,will one day pull you out of what you are through.

Its ‘the’ world,every one gets the time to prove himself or herself,but you just need the right time,that appropriate time for which you are made,at that time you are the king by Allah’s mercy,then the ones who had been pulling you down,the individuals who never admired you,the people who were silent evils,the living beings who never wanted you to be at the top; all of them are in your court,then they carry their lips with a tinge of smile but their insight burns with jealousy and hatred,you stand high and they bow to your propositions.

At that sight,you stare at the sky,you see the same silent sky with a sight of thankfulness,you were the same,your living was the same but now your perceptions were different.You Thank God for everything He gave you.You smile but in no time the tears sprout with joys,the opponents stare you and you stare God.How supreme Allah is? You question yourself.Answer from your soul says,He was always supreme,it was your confined vision which resisted you to think this way,its your time to rule,its your time to live as you want to.Indeed,everyone gets a time,wait for that time and never get hurt from the opponents and the crticizers,they resist your back and you strive for better.

A human needs to be a replica of an elastic spring,others press you down and you jump back with more strength and more integrity,compile your brain together as a unit and keep your hopes high.

Its what a human is,its what the life is.When Allah created you,he will definately create ways of your living and will create the best for you and better than your personal desires.


By,Ahsan Zil e Ali

Published in Young Age,2009
Published in Youth Journal of Pakistan,2010


2 thoughts on “Twisting Patterns

  1. …dnt agree at all with the starting paras of the post…….the end is right ……..and me thinks not necessary to think each and everyone’s opinion, suggestion,act, smile, disgrace, abuse to take it on ur side…..u have to have chil in ur life.

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