The Life Rolls On …

Time moves on,we don’t get the time to absorb the scene and the sight changes,is it life?

People step into your small world and then say bye without knowing that others also have a heart,full of feelings! On the other side,human came onto this world to accept Allah,but that supreme being then bestowed humanity with smiles,these smiles accompanying tears.The very same God then gave humanity a hope to live,imposed an obligation to be dutiful to your own existence,humanity introduced ‘earning’ from the divinity of ‘education’.If for a single while,sit back and see a full moon,out from your balcony and start absorbing your thoughts,first thing that will click in your mind will be complexity of humanity,a single human with a brain of 4 pounds,but thoughts unlimited and emotions still undefined,you may contradict saying that emotions are defined by the man,but realities are quite different.Man did step on the moon,advancement every day in field of science but couldn’t find a solution to a broken heart,cause of sprouting smiles and silent tears.Humanity entangled into a world of sins around,you stand as if in an aura of complexity.You have your parents with hundred million hopes,they want to see you at the top of the world.You have friends,wanting you to be around them.You have your love,he or she wants you to be with him or her for the rest of the life.You have a career to be made,a long journey.You have some hidden ambitions,which you only shared with your soul.You have some very special people,neither you can classify them under ‘love’ nor under ‘friends’,all you know is that they are special beings.You have memories lying in your mind,those memories that you can never forget,never! More you like thinking like this,more you get deeper,more your soul drowns into it!

What is Human? A human itself couldn’t figure out.Abida Parveen sings of Wasif Ali Wasif’s words,

‘Main Naar e Mastana,Main Shokh Yeh Din Dana,Mai Tashana Kahan Jaon,Pi Kar Bhi Kahan Jana,Main Suzay Muhabbat Hon,Main Aik Kiamat Hon,Mai Ashk e Nadamat,Mai Goharay Yakdana’.

Thirst of different cravings follows a human i.e. wealth and fame.You want to grab it,but even if you get it,where will you go,the same oxygen you will breathe and same earth will remain your home.Human in the same time is an idol of love,but even if you get a space to prove your love,what extent of love you can touch.And the human is also a scripture of regrets,no human on this earth can say that he or she never regretted on any stance! Every one did,even you,the reader,regretted if you think for a while.Then the man is also a symbol of restlessness,human wants to be where no one can reach,if for instance you are a billionaire and the country admits you as a baron of the state,you won’t afford anyone other to be at your place,if some one acquires that position,it will make you restless.This explanation will prolong in next hundred years but in short,human is an abstract portrait of infinite colors arranged in infinite patterns but still with infinite variations,live together a social circle.

You Love,You Hate,You Smile,You Cry,You Laugh,You Weep,You Acquire,You Earn,You Respond,You Shy,You Get Confidence,You Refrain,You Indulge,You Rise,You Fall,You Commit,You Break,You Promise,You Ditch,You Rule,You Win,You Lose,You Question,You Answer,You Expect,You Ignore … Its a being,Human Being!

Itself humanity is too complex to think,simply follow a rule,’You are sent onto this earth to worship God,first,Second,You have your people,make them smile,make them happy,make you live them,don’t expect from others,whatever is in your heart express,don’t contradict with your soul and your exterior,unify them! Third,you are a voyager to this earth,the destination is different,thats the ultimate place…’

Remember,no matter how branded shirts you wear,how expensive shoes you carry,end of the man is a white cloak under the bed of soil,a death slab where your date of death is mentioned,thats your end! And a new start. If you were good to your people,wreath and bouquets of roses will be laid over you grave,your loving individuals will lighten the candles and will pray for you.Do something that this complex human can mark the name forever on the hearts of the people.

Get Ease and Smile and Move On …

By,Ahsan Zil e Ali


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