Saqi Nama – Secrets of Self

Zamanay kay andaaz badlay gaey
Naya raag hai saaz badlay gaey

“Era’s Styles been changed,New Notes Thus Symphony been changed”

Iqbal made a clear concept of ever evolving new world,where each day a new vision and new perception is created,each era comes with new challanges,some denies the past,some admires the predecessors,but nevertheless that age has to cope up and must know how to tackle the problems and must remain ready to face new hurdles that are created in the prosperity of the humanity in that particular period.New age comes with new advancements,its not only science and arts that had been part of evolutions but mental approach and thinking behaviours had also been very different in each age.Stone age and today’s age is not only differentiated on lifestyle but hundred million other things that finally led to a whole new human approach,Iqbal was sure that each era would be new,not only the time itself would be new but the elements forming it will also be new.

Khirad ko ghulami say aazad kar
Jawanon ko peeron ka ustad kar

“Free The Helpless from Slavery, Make Youth to Lead The All Saints”

The concept of slavery not only makes a person to think of few innocents but even forces a person to thinks how the changes are ever brought in the states,slaves had always been a part of the revolution,their screams and pains brings a thoughtful change for a new perception,here Iqbal showed what actually the Ummah of Muslims are going through,helpless slaves would not only bring the decline of Muslims but humanity would collapse,the rights and the needs but the mankind would be facing lots of problems.Its the very time,where youth should come out of the burrows and they should be given such an importance that this lava that is enclosed in youth should burst,burst for cause,spill over the earth to bring the change; the change and the ultimate revolution which is now the need of the time.

Jigar say wohi teer phir par kar
Tamanna ko seenon main bedar kar

“Of the Past,Again Make Us Bold,Shimmer The Hopes inUs”

Here Iqbal expressed the old vision in a new way,he prays and desires of the past legends in the nation,the honorable humans that gave their lives for the sake of bringing a new horizon for the mankind.Poet wants the very same thoughts of the past where we faced turmoils and agonies but at the end stood strong as united as ever for the betterment and for the rights.Its the desire that once again brave and strong soldiers be rising from the slums for sake of reality,justice and eventually strong enough to defend dignity and honor.

Jawanon ko sozi jigar bakhsh de
Mera ishq meri nazar bakhsh de

“Young be bestowed with courage,By My Love and my Vision upon them”

Allama prays here,saying that courage be born within the youth.Its a fact that where ever the revolution is brought,it had never been buerocrats or the ones sitting in the parliaments but actual change is by this boiling young blood that ever boils for a good,it is filled with emotions and strength.Courage and bravery is the key to be used for introducing the change by the youngsters.In the other line,Iqbal prays that may his thoughts,his vision,his ideas be once given to this youth,let them think as the poet himself thinks,he needs a change,he wants a change,so the youth should also think of it,once! He believes that his vision is pure enough that if it would become the part of the youth,a change is expected,a revolution is due then.

Pila de mujhe woh may pardah soz
Keh aati nahin fasl-e-gul roz roz

“Give me the wine of greatness,Thy the green never makes everyday”

Here wishing for wine doesn’t actually mean tempt for alcohol but an attraction for the greatness,poet wants that may he gets such a bottle of wine that after which this drowsy land of Muslims wake up,stand for their greatness,attract for greatness,find the greatness and actually run for the greatness,think what will bring the greatness,how they will stand on the ramps to rule the world,how they would make their space in this world.He wishes that this world should know,nevertheless, betterment and bests never prevail forever,every good never continues for ever,nothing is eternal,so better is the time where this nation should understand and fight for being great.

Woh may jis say roshan hai zameer-i-hayaat
Woh may jis say hai mastee-e-kainaat

“The Drink that enlightens the insight of life,The liquor that serves the interest to live”

At the end,he wishes that may he be occupied with a substance of enlightening powers,may this man knows what actual the cause of humanity is! Why we actually stepped onto this earth and we start rolling for betterment,for a new cause,for a new tomorrow,for a new revolution,for a new courage, for a new valor,for a new strength,for a new world,a whole new world,where we all sentence our life interesting enough to live !

Iqbal’s vision is not only the desire of millions but is a guideline for a new change,we today see pain,agony,restlessness in this state,why? we have broken into segments,we have forgotten the values of mankind, gestures and feelings dead for no cause, sentiments never regarded,if we bring change at a smaller level,revolution in clans and tribes,change in our social behaviour we can bring change in the world.

Change is thy within us !

By,Ahsan Zil e Ali


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