A Dialogue – Son of Adam & the Door

You Said I Will Come when The Sun will Set,

I Said I Will Wait For Till You Will Come,

You Smiled At Me With Contentment,

I Graced You With My Sentiment.

I Stood In The Door,

Though Too Bore,

But Hope That You Will Come,

Stared Long On The Setting Sun.

I Recalled Your Promise,Once and Twice,

Then I Sat In My Door,

I Smiled For My Own,

Signs and Signals Were All Fake,That Now What I Thought.

The Door Conversed With Me In A Low Pitch Tone,

O! The Son of Adam,

You Have Stepped In a Complex World,

Man Of Machines But No Emotions,

Tears and Smiles Is Mere A Novelty,

For Which You Seek Love In Here,

When Others Don’t Feel Your Feeling In There,

Smiles And Joys Were Once Humane Thoughts,

Now They Are Just Past’s Soughts,

Stand Up Now and Move It On,

Raise Your Face and Curve in Lips,

Live The Life,With A Hope To Shine.

By,Ahsan Zil e Ali


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