…and They are Great !

You Kiss the Sky number seven and allow to see your back,ask your surroundings,what is mysticism – in its search you will definitely come to know something,the mystic music.The music that is practiced throughout muslim world as a symbol of joy,brotherhood,fraternity and above all the extreme of Love for God.
Subcontinent is filled with hundreds and hundreds of great musicians affliated with this Pro-Sufi type…Abida Parveen is one of them !
The music that explains the word of wisdom and truth,lyrics founded by Great Saint,Shah Abdul Latif Bhattai plus the philosophical curtain raiser,Wasif Ali Wasif and many other names that are embraced by Abida’s voice.She stands elsewhere ; from New York City to Sydney Operas, as a Pakistani Folk Singer.She is a living legend,recently she faced a traumatic heart problem that led her to undergo angioplasty surgery to overcome the impaired heart.May she live long,a word of life and a smile of joy that she expresses,the music of wisdom and the symphony of livelihood,may it stay long!
Recently,in a Bollywood gathering,as she sat on her seat,A.R Rahman the famous music director of the ‘World’ and Oscar Winner settled on her feet in respect of Honorable,Abida Parveen and expressed that I cant stand in your respect,please! I am of the view that an album atleast one album to be created by me with you,as I would be able to take something with me when I die,if you allow me your time!

She replied,yes! if time will demand and I will be in a state to do such,sure!

The celebrities of Bollywood all gathered around the maestros of music and started enjoying the conversation.This is the grace of a woman! She as a Pakistani and more than a folk singer made her flags high not for the Mysticism but for Pakistan as well.


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